The Mill

In pursuit of our mission to provide nourishing food to the local community, we want the flour we bake with to be of the highest quality. We mill all of our grains here at the bakery the same week that the bread is baked. This fresh milling with granite stones preserves the packed nutrients in the grain and ensures that the highest percentage of the individual grains are used in the bread. This is bread of the highest nutrient density, flavor and texture!

The Mill

This 26” stone mill beauty was crafted by Andrew Heyn at New American Stone Mills in Elmore, Vermont. Delivered in September, we started milling our first wheat berries for inclusion in our loaves early in 2022.


The Grain

We source our hard red winter wheat from Pete Sisti, who owns and operates Grassland Farms in Powhatan, VA. The wheat is certified organic and grown and harvested in ways that steward the land resource. We are committed to transitioning all of our grains from the mid Atlantic region within the next year (by 2023).

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